Managing Humidity

Managing Humidity

Humidity is a major player in indoor comfort. Your air conditioner and dehumidifier can play large parts in helping you manage the level of humidity in your New Orleans home.

If you have a well maintained air conditioner that is functioning properly, it will remove the humidity from your home. If your system is not working correctly and can’t remove the humidity from the air, you could continue to turn the temperature down and never reach an ideal level of comfort.

Signs You Have too Much Humidity at Home:

  • Moist air
  • Damp or musty smell
  • Fog or condensation on your windows


The best recommendation for managing the humidity level is to install a dehumidifier. This device works with your air conditioner to remove moisture from the air before it is circulated through your home. Dehumidifiers help to keep your home comfortable all summer long.

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